Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ellen page

movie called juno. has oscar buzz. sounds interesting. it seems like she's made to play hardened type roles as in the movie hard candy. that movie was serious. one reason it was so eery was because its cast was five people. and the other stuff too.

Monkey Swallows The Universe - The Casket Letters

you are truly indie when you are not mentioned on pitchfork. chillin album. get it.

Skye Sweetnam - Sound Solider

the easiest way to judge an album is to see if you make it through a whole listen without turning it off. this one delivers. great album. check it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trent Reznor and Saul Williams Discuss Their New Collaboration, Mourn OiNK

nice to hear music heavyweights talk honestly about the music world. in particular, how a whole generation only knows free music.

A Conversation Between Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes

see the movie. see it see it see it.

my movie revues #21

thin - see, wow. great doc. and i don't watch many.
american gangster - see, great film.
this is england - see, good but know what it's about before watching.
private parts - see, i listen to the show so it was good to give this a re-watch after many years. flew by fast.
american me hd - see, this one hits home if you ever did a bid. sup tony yayo.
the lookout hd - see, but only if you dig isla fisher. there is nothing bad nor nothing amazing about this one. movie ain't gonna change your life.
the fifth element remastered hd - see, this was a beautiful picture.

Monday, October 29, 2007

canadian tv

just came to the revelation that i don't watch a single canadian tv show (after reading about the gemini's.) strombo said slings and arrows is the best canadian show so i'm gonna check that out. a couple other good ones exist on showcase but are like two episodes long.
but yeah i'm big on tv right now. newest one added to the list is secret diary of a call girl from the uk. billie piper in that role is excellent.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sienna Miller's renaissance

feels like so long ago i saw interview. sienna was great in it.
if there is one advantage to paper newspapers, it is the lack of moving picture ads while trying to read. seriously.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Vanilla Sky - Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)

gayest thing you will see this year. it's funny though.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

just a quick note regarding music

it seems like the music blogs that get the most hits are the ones that post mp3s. that ain't gonna happen here. i inform. like the radio one established 1967 album. you should know about it. but if you don't google it, i don't care.

Big Lou - Crack Head

interesting track.

Bat For Lashes - Fur And Gold

this album has been out for more than a year and i finally had the chance to listen to it. Natasha Khan has such a wonderful voice. I can tell this one is going to get a lot of listens. check it out.

Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More

great album.

A singer/songwriter with a bent toward '60s influenced pop with indie rock edge, Candie Payne was born in Liverpool in 1983. However, she spent much of her youth in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY, where she moved with her parents until returning to England at age ten. The sister of musician brothers Howie Payne – formerly of the Stands -- and drummer Sean Payne of the Zutons, Payne first spent time studying art in college before dropping out to pursue music. Influenced early on by such iconic jazz vocalists as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, Payne also listened heavily to a wide variety of pop and rock music that she ultimately brought to bear on her own songs. After working with various local Liverpool bands, Payne was introduced to producer Simon Dine and the duo began writing together. Evincing a '60s girl group- and Motown-influenced vibe, Payne's debut album, I Wish I Could Have Loved You More, featured the Mark Ronson-produced single "One More Chance" and was released on Sony in 2007.

britney spears - blackout mini-review

ok. so i just listened to the new britney album. in the sense that all you need is a hot beat in the club, this album delivers. the production is top of the world. considering the gimme more video looks like it was shot for $500 (i.e. awful), i'm surprised the music is hot. her voice can get on your nerves because it is so bad and when she says she is an "animal in the sack", that's something i didn't really wanna picture. it does lack in the middle of the album (it picks up again on hot as ice) but this album will go to #1 and i don't even know who the competition is.

in the New York Daily News:
On many tracks, Britney sounds so worked over, she doesn't even seem like a person. Instead, she comes off like some machine that bleeps and bloops out an airy array of oohs, ahhs and groans.

britney is the executive producer on the album. she gonna see a good payday. in stores in 8 days.

the shot and the scene

sometimes it's interesting to see how the shot happened. Summer Glau.

Keisha Buchanan by Ellis Parrinder

some pics dedicated to people who hate airbrushing and prefer texture in skin.


hard to keep up with all the cool shit going on in the world. a bit late on this one, but this is sooooo good. must-see.

NYG'z - "Ya Dayz R #'D"

definitely feeling this one.

Skye Sweetnam - Music Is My Boyfriend

and now for something different... skye directed this video herself. she deserves an oscar compared to rihanna's directing skills. i ain't even joking. :o

ideas change the world

random photo excellence by Adam Bartas.
get a good idea and execute it.

japanese girls on russian blog?

some cool shots.

downtown toronto in 1804

looks chillin.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

gisele sells sandals

pretty cool ads.

Q&A With 'Lars and the Real Girl' Actress Emily Mortimer

heard good things about the lars movie. starbucks is the new mcdonalds.

Palme d'Or Winner Cristian Mungiu Hits the New York Film Festival

sounds like a smart dude. i know someone who caught the film in vancouver but i haven't had the chance yet.

Q&A With the Fiery Furnaces' Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger

they cool

If kids ruled the world...

best parts:
Joseph: I like action comedies like Hot Fuzz. But I like horror, too, and there aren't many horror films for children.
Ruby: There's a lot of Wemos around. That's wannabe-Emos.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Maid Marion

La Vie en Rose is high on the to watch list. here's an interview with Marion Cotillard, the star, with some interesting views on french vs american cinema. might have to finally watch those taxi movies.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride

just listened to it. it didn't astonish me. but i'm sure it will be the biggest country album of the year. she's like the new shania. the initial tracks to catch my ear are crazy dreams, i told you so and the more boys i meet. the bottom line is if you have any interest in this album, you will not be disappointed.

Alexandra Boulat: A Tribute,29307,1669313,00.html

a gallery of some of her greatest work

definition of a warrior

random photo excellence.

Monday, October 15, 2007

the best top songs of 2007

the best top songs of 2007

before the final christmas-like rush, i.e. 4th quarter when huge new albums come out every week, i am bored so i wanna do this list now. only one song per artist.

put into the following categories after the list got really long. urban. pop. indie or rock. other.

alicia keys - no one (if you don't like this song, you have never heard of sam cooke)
styles p - i'm black (love this cat)
the game feat. kanye west - wouldn't get far (chillin)
kanye west - can't tell me nothing (passion baby)
baby boy feat. lil boosie - the way i live (boosie has a unique voice and the song is chill)
mims - this is why i'm hot (hott beat)
evidence - down in new york city (hypnotic, which is the best compliment i can give a song)
musiq soulchild - b.u.d.d.y. (gold)
prodigy - mac 10 handle (you need to see the video)
stephen marley feat. damian "jr. gong" marley - the traffic jam (bassss)
timbaland feat. one republic - apologize (simple)
amerie - take control (funky ass shit)
dizzee rascal - sirens (blood!)
belly - people change (perfect bass and piano)
joell ortiz - hip hop (that good old new york rap)
lady sovereign - those were the days (remember when?)
fabolous feat. ne-yo - make me better (very nice. i ain't gonna lie, it sounds distorted, i.e. not perfect, gimme some 24/96 for this one)
rihanna feat. jay-z - umbrella (although there are some stellar tracks on the album, this one eclipses)
cherish - keep it fresh (fresh fresh fresh)
t.i. - big shit poppin (monster)
bone thugs-n-harmony feat. akon - i tried (soulful)
deemi - soundtrack of my life (this is the best song you haven't heard on this list)
big shug - hood with that (gotta love this one)
common - misunderstood (pitchfork will almost certainly pick drivin me wild)
sean kingston - beautiful girls (i wanna dance to this like they do in the video) - i got it from my mama (this is just plain funny. even though juvenile did it first)
guru feat. omar - the jazz style (you will like this song just as you will sleep tonight. i guarantee it)
kat deluna feat. elephant man - whine up (bronx what up. see the video)
keith murray feat. tyrese and junior - nobody do it better (woooooooohoooooooo)
trey songz - can't help but wait (very nice keys and vocals)
ugk feat. outkast - int'l players anthem (omg when the beat drops....)
jdiggz - make it hot (it works)
50 cent - i get money (even though this is a blatant rip-off of cassidy's i'm a hustla, it hits hard)
kano - fightin the nation (i got 99 problems, and london's one of them.. engaging)
m.i.a - paper planes (umm perfect)
jay-z feat. pharell williams - blue magic (it's a concept album people, very raw track "way before the bars, my picture was getting took")
army of the pharaohs - gun ballad (the whole album is excellent)
nygz feat. rave and fizzy wo - sufferin (the whole album is excellent)
twista feat. t-pain - creep fast (hypnotick)
8 ball and mjg - turn up the bump (get this song right now. this song is leet)
boyz n da hood - everybody know me (if you felt dem boyz clockin, you gonna feel this one)
point blank - game got deep (you ever heard hand to handlin' mine? didn't think so. point blank on some genius shit)
plies feat. akon - hypnotized (stop hating on the south)

hilary duff - happy (builds to an incredible chorus)
natasha bedingfield - i wanna have your babies (she nice)
sophie ellis-bextor - catch you (i am gonna find you)
hayley sales - jailcell mind (soft, good)
mandy moore - gardenia (i can dig it)
mutya buena - real girl (you can like b boy baby all you want, i want a real girl)
aly and aj - potential breakup song (classic haha)
colbie caillat - bubbly (was a hit for a reason)
sara bareilles - love song (this song is very likeable)
kate nash - dickhead (any reviewer who didn't like this song is a dickhead lol)
missy higgins - secret (may leave you speechless)
gym class heroes - clothes off (so gay yet so fun. lfo for the new generation)
robyn - jack you off (this is funny)
remi nicole - fed up acoustic (great chorus)
sugababes - about you now (see a live performance of this for real)
the veronicas - hook me up (sounds like they want diesel. i kid)
samantha jade - turn around (this track is fiyah)
delta goodrem - in this life (great. now watch the video. can you say gorgeous?)
katharine mcphee - love story (umm. the video makes more sense than the song. but no complaints.)
chenelle - i fell in love with the dj (one ting led to anothaaa..)

my chemical romance - teenagers (can't help but sing along)
nine inch nails - the greater good (loungy nin?)
krezip - bored (yeah it's good)
white stripes - icky thump (sing it jack)
feist - my moon my man (good music)
a fine frenzy - almost lover (beautiful song)
emily haines and the soft skeleton - mostly waving todork remix (elite)
kathy diamond - until the sun goes down (every sound in this track is ear candy)
meat puppets - fly like the wind (this starts off the great album real nice)
day one - bad before good (the whole album is good, hard to choose a track)
shout out louds - impossible (superb)
dirty harry - frayed at the edges (solid stuff)
nightmare of you - i was never a normal boy (trust)
tegan and sara - back in your head (awesome)

michael buble - everything (crack)
paul potts - time to say goodbye (this will move you)
pink martini - hey eugene (wow)

pitchfork people. pitchfork people. pitchfork people. come read my interwebbingnetblogsite. so i've only heard of about 40 artists from pitchfork's top 100 tracks of 2006 (but i only listen to music half of the day everyday. they probly do all day everyday.) looks like my list is 80 songs. i think about 20 of my picks will make their 2007 list (i'm hardly indie-centric.) we shall see. feel free to drop your fav songs in the comments. feel free not to mention britney, avril, kelly clarkson, kevin drew or nicole scherzinger.

for best country, electronic and metal, find another site.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

SNL - Digital Short: Andy Punches

check it out. why not. the song is great. sounds neptune-ish.

Gossip Guy

q and a with Josh Schwartz

my movie revues #20

havoc 2 - pass, awful. i like to watch a movie that is guaranteed to be bad every once in a while to keep everything in perspective. when the credits roll, you will say omg.
american beauty - see, this is a must-watch every few years. golden shit. i'm sure the next time i see it, it will be in hd.
born on the fourth of july hd - see, it's amazing how relevant this is in today's world.
closer hd - pass, i liked it when i saw it in the theatre but this viewing was overly dramatic. felt like a soap opera.
good night and good luck hd - pass, too many men in this one.
lost in translation hd - see, i thought it was accurate in its characters. some people say it's boring. here's my take: i think movies should be similar to when a dj speeds up a track in his mix to make it more energetic/exciting. too slow a pace, even if accurate, will bore anyone for film.
hot fuzz hd - see, this is easily in the top 3 of this year. excellent film. don't sleep.

back flip into water

ahh to be young again

Saturday, October 13, 2007

kinda weird music music

yeah so this guy has the EXACT same three albums as my top three albums from the last three months. my post was made about a week before his. the newest best shit is this mix by Diplo - Essential Mix-SAT-09-16-2007. when do the bartman comes on, you know you listening to some crack.

Friday, October 12, 2007

the worst article of the year 2007

don't read it. you will hate me for it. send the link to someone you hate. that is all.

just watch

this is the only good short i have ever seen. watching it without knowing anything is best. saw it like five years ago.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down

you'll have to watch this one at youtube since the record company doesn't allow embedding. as for the vid, well it's fine. the song is another question though.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fantoche (2 times)

this is the coolest thing you will see today.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Great images may be technically flawed

short essay stating the obvious. you don't wanna be the person to say "that's grainy" when any idiot could figure that much out. look at the content of the photo.

"Open your heart and mind to the essence of the image."

In the Race to Buy Concert Tickets, Fans Keep Losing

waaaaaaaaaah. you didn't get hannah montana tickets. this is the best part of the article:
They “are bombarding Ticketmaster’s Web site with millions of automated ticket requests that can constitute up to 80 percent of all ticket requests made,” Ticketmaster states in its suit. These actions deny “the public access to tens of thousands of tickets so that RMG’s customers can purchase and resell those tickets to the same public at inflated prices,” it contends.
stadium concerts are lame anywaysss.

my fall tv review

before i start, all tv shows not in hd suck. well not the shows, but whoever decides to not put them in hd, yes you, you suck. the pic above is from gossip girl. as you can see, the quality is decent. the kid is suicidal in the show obviously because his idea of something to do on a laptop is play solitaire.

tv shows i currently watch

family guy (always funny)
curb your enthusiasm (funny)
gossip girl (i get made fun of for watching this show because it is gay. but otherwise, i like hot girls and NYC skylines. tv executive people, don't cancel this fucking show. i'm sticking with it.)
weeds (love it)
it's always sunny in philadelphia (always has a ridiculous scenario which is great)
summer heights high (funny shit from australia)
the big bang theory (funny funny)
heroes (who doesn't watch this is the question)

shows i have never seen that a lot of people watch

prison break
grey's anatomy
the office
csi (maybe i made it through an episode once)
ugly betty (again, once)
battlestar galactica

shows i might check out when i have the time:

friday night lights

the new show i gave up on after two episodes:

tell me you love me (too glummy to watch people with relationship problems the whole show)

Friday, October 5, 2007

my movie revues #19

la dolce vita - see, it's well made but it didn't hit me like i thought it would.
i'm reed fish - see, this is just about life and love.
the wind that shakes the barley - pass, palme d'or winner. the movie might be decent but war movies are just so stupid in general.
i now pronounce you chuck and larry - see, watched on a recommendation. funny shit. must-see. has the best cameo ever at the end.
everything's gone green - see, written by douglas coupland. revolves around lottery winners a little which is always interesting.
phone booth hd - see, saw in theatre and enjoyed this second time. it's short and suspenseful.
the day after tomorrow hd - see, lots of hollywood cheese but still fun with nice visuals.

Monday, October 1, 2007

9/11 Is Over

strong opinion piece. i read his last book where he used ridiculously long sentences. but this article is an easy read.

SNL IRAN Digital Short September 29 2007

if nbc kills this vid, you should really search for it at youtube or dailymotion. SNL was new on saturday night and apparently this was the only funny thing. snl digital shorts are usually excellent as is the case here.

remi nicole is a good thing

i'm liking the first three songs i have heard of hers. her album could be leet. november 12 date.