Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my fash ON

I look through the magazine ELLE April 2011 and found that there is no major purpose. Women who look at this magazine are not looking at reality. I saved a few pictures and I read one article which was about MDMA and love. Which was not really fashion related. That's it.

cool-snap -- is white the only color in fashion?
good-ad-2 -- the lady has style
good-ad -- hanging out and not wearing too much stuff is win
ondine-azoulay-is-a-horrible-stylist -- this is so ugly (any woman with a brain will agree)
random-weirdness -- plays with your creative mind
seyfried-eyes-are-supposed-to-look-normal -- women seem to love things that are not real
versace-interesting-ad -- shows that women just like anything that costs money