Wednesday, May 30, 2007

rihanna good girl gone bad review

you'll be hearing a lot of this album all year. it is excellent. her best yet. my australian friend says there are 8 out of 12 single worthy songs and noone knows pure pop music better than australians. umbrella is the first huge single. google 'umbrella' and the first result is about this song. i love the album cover too. get it.

Dizzee Rascal, Maths & English,,2087180,00.html

i have yet to hear the album but the first single grew on me a LOT. album has a track with lily too. at least 4 big albums coming june 4/5 which will be mentioned on here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

judd apatow, writer of knocked up.

it's long. a 9 page article that took a year and a half to come to fruition. judd apatow is a writer of the 40 year old virgin. after drinking a rolo chocolate shake and turning off all music, i had the energy to get through the article. knocked up comes out friday and should be pretty good. i'll probly watch freaks and geeks now. a video and an audio interview with jerry seinfeld from pre-seinfeld days are included.

my movie revues #8

angel-a - see, this luc besson black and white film is cool. you get to see a lot of the city of paris. over the top in a good way.
mean girls - see, but only if you have time to kill. tim meadows steals the show. it seemed to me like the movie john tucker must die stole a lot from this one.
the matrix hd - see, this is the first movie you should watch in hd. unreal quality. my new favorite shot was of water pouring out of the office building which i never even noticed before.
lord of war hd - see, a superb film. the trivia about this film on imdb is great. it is based on five actual arms dealers experiences.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind hd - see, the visual effects are great. my favorite shot is jim carrey in the kitchen sink.
the usual suspects hd - see, this looks really sharp. probly the second film you should see in hd.
50 first dates hd - see, another one to only watch if you have time to kill. a cute story.

Monday, May 28, 2007

cannes is over

a wrap-up of who won what.

ebert roeper website

warning: video starts right when you visit. this is a show i make a point of watching on tv but now there is no need. the online version has what you need.

the future is almost here

this camera does 2540p which is a big enough jump from 1080p to think in 6 years TVs will be jumping to that resolution. the camera seems very affordable if you're going to make a real movie. i watched a tease at 1K by peter jackson and it looks good. THE camera to get once it is available. nice domain too.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (2006)

i dunno if this was that good of a read but i felt like mentioning this album. the allmusic review was too long, and pitchfork didn't review it. now, i would never go to a mcr concert because it would be nothing but teenagers but i do thoroughly enjoy this album from the emo gods. recommended.

lily allen

a video of lily talking about why she got kicked out of school. lol at the answer. and other stuff too. i saw the performance on the today show with blondie yesterday. it wasn't to my taste.


a cool pic from the long weekend in canada. the fireworks were hella annoying in my hood.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

buying prints

the price of a national geographic print seems reasonable to me. unfortunately, it doesn't look like they will sell photos of people for obvious reasons. so, out of the wildlife choices, this photo quickly came to mind. i can't imagine it wouldn't eventually go up in value. i'm gonna get it at some point. check out "most popular" too under "editor's pick."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ouch linkin park

the new linkin park album is getting bad reviews everywhere. new york times said something about them going emo just to be current. allmusic gives the album 2/5, the lowest rating i've ever seen. check out the link. it's only a paragraph long. this nme guy certainly is right about the hands held high track. awful. my suggestion, download "in the end" from 2000 and be happy.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

lindsay lohan

i don't know how she is such a huge star when the only movie i've seen her in is bobby. georgia rule might be one i'll check out.

about luc besson

everyone knows luc besson from la femme nikita and leon. he's got a new one called angel-a that looks good. should be in my next movie revues.

Virtual Barbershop

if you got headphones and a few minutes, check it out...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

If you're a female singer, you'd better be sexy

an article pointing out how we used to listen to music more than we watched it. but not anymore.

norah jones first movie,8599,1621755,00.html

time calling norah's first performance "forced and false." obviously i haven't seen it yet, but i'm sure it's a good film considering it opened the cannes film fest. i just don't wanna wait forever to see it. that would be my only reason not to pay a lot of attention to movies at cannes.

my movie revues #7

i tend to forget important parts of movies after less than a year so re-watching a movie is no big deal to me.

ken park - pass, as shocking and banned as this film is, it is mostly forgettable.
shopgirl - see, this was a relationship movie which i like. the narrating was the only thing that didn't really work.
25th hour - see, i saw this excellent spike lee joint in theatres when it came out and now revisiting it was awesome. the answer to "what should a man never ask in a victoria's secret store?" was pure lol.
city of god - see, i finally saw this. #17 movie of all time (imdb). very very good.
the terminator hd - see, i'm sure most people have seen this. was great to see in hd. and i did forget a thing or two from last time.
kiss kiss bang bang hd - see, this movie is great. this one made me really like michelle monaghan for the first time.
the breakfast club hd - see, this was my first time watching this. certified classic.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

gretchen wilson new shit

"Here is a record that debuted on the chart at number one and is considered a failure." she's talking about her last album with this text. the new album is "one of the boys" and i'm enjoying it. it's funny, in a way, i grew up on new country radio. good interview, especially the end.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

terry richardson + jessica alba

latest pics of jessica alba for gq by terry richardson. if you don't know terry, wiki him.

some good music

Improv - Electric Guitar (keyboard) over Canon in D.. this dude ronald jenkees got soul.

the future baby

it's all about the future. wikipedia is here and it is archiving life as we know it. kids won't understand the idea of being lost.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

my movie revues #6

pretty much all the movies i watch from now on will be high definition. i'll miss some of the indie flicks, but that's life.

bus 174 - see, this 2002 documentary makes life seem good because of how harsh the conditions were for the guy in this film. the media were so close to the bus, it plays out like a movie.
venus - pass, this movie is creepy. the characters are unlikeable. 80 year old guy feeling on 20 year old girl. no thanks.
whisper of sin - see, this movie from lithuania is something different. i watched this movie out of curiousity and it turned out to be curious.
layer cake hd - see, this was the first movie i saw in hd and at the end, i just said wow! sienna miller is not to be missed in this one.
fear and loathing in las vegas hd - see, the sharpness in hd is unreal. this film is all about extreme wide angle shots and they look fantastic.
fastastic 4 hd - pass, the only reason i watched this was to see jessica alba. the movie was super cheese.. strictly for kids.
reservoir dogs hd - see, this gave me a genuine feeling that i was in the movie theatre.

Friday, May 11, 2007

more amy winehouse LOL

interview! yes i love interviews. i would subscribe to interview magazine if the price wasn't like 500% more than the u.s. price.

amy winehouse yo!

i guess with amy physically being in nyc/t.o. i am very likely to see her press coverage. this article has some useful youtube vids at the end where amy is not super drunk like the clip i linked just below.

amy winehouse is dope

i first found out about amy back in september when a music blog published her rehab song. been feeling her ever since. if you wanna see a pure comedy performance of hers, click here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

canon mark three impressions

"ISO 1600 looks similar to what ISO 400 looks like with my 1Ds MKII"
anyone who pays attention to photography on the web knows about michael's site. at first, i thought the review was slightly basic. but now i think it is just right. it sums everything up into an easy read.

Monday, May 7, 2007

the latest digital elph

if you got money and want 8 megapixels with image stabilization, this is for you. of note is the high res screen on the back. it will impress, i guarantee it. i've always loved digital elphs and this one gets my recommendation. probly in stores next month.

spencer tunick mexico,23607,5022905-5007150,00.html

spencer had his biggest nude shoot yet.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

l.a. cops shoot rubber bullets

i don't know the whole story but it seems like a gang of cops were shooting lots of people. you can catch the atmosphere in the video. police beat the media at this event.

Ryan McGinley photo grapher

an article about this guy who is winning the young photographer of the year award. i like that he just took pictures of his friends and went from there. the few pictures that go with the article look good.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

yummy water

this company has a great cause and the taste is great. check it out if you see it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

middle finger shot

i looked through a couple hundred pics at this site which won the best portrait photography blog award. this picture is my favorite. it took me a while to see the guy is holding the girls hand. great expressions.

leibovitz photograph of the queen

i recognize her from every coin in canada.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

2007 photobloggies

the winners are in. you should be able to find something you like. there is a lot to choose from.

The faces of Tori Amos

short article that has a few questions for tori. the music at a medium volume doesn't sound great to me. but turning it up loud makes her voice clear like i want. the track fat slut is really weird. devils and gods is the best 53 second song ever.

my movie revues #5

it's a boy girl thing - see, but only if you don't mind a stupid/silly/fun teenager movie. samaire is nice.
breaking and entering - see, i liked the elements of the movie. architect, youth crime. not one to rave about though.
the dead girl - see, for some reason it felt like i had seen this movie before but i liked brittany murphy's performance.
deliver us from evil - see, the stats in this one will blow you away. docu about a sicko priest.
the secret life of words - see, sarah polley can't make a bad movie. this one told an important story.
the queen - pass, love diana but i didn't like the feel of this movie.
maria full of grace - see, this film from 2004 is the best on this list. smuggling drugs never seems to go the way you planned.

spiderman 3

this movie looks awful. for the record, i think most blockbusters are lame. 140 minutes of predictable crap. and i don't like the actors.