Friday, October 31, 2008

Coco futures

chanel makes the nicest women's shoes in the world, consistently. i don't care how much jimmy choo's cost...

"But Ms Chiquet says the company will have to “get smarter and more aggressive in some ways about how we’re going to spend our money”, meaning that Chanel may no longer be able to have five advertising campaigns running at a time."

push shoes heavy

Mourning Old Media’s Decline

8000 newsroom jobs have been lost in america in the last year. 

"USA Today was made exempt from the current rounds of cuts at Gannett but even national papers, including The New York Times, have resorted to modest staff cuts over the last year."

New york times needs to NOT be downsized in any way. It is vitally important.

Nobody gives a shit if Jonny Whoever washed a car in Nowhereland, America. That's why I could care less if a paper from a small city goes from 25 staff to 8 and can't afford the latest five thousand dollar camera. 

But NYT is THE best paper in the world. 

The reason papers are failing besides the 'it's very hard to make money on web ads' reason, is because if you flip a paper, there are like two stories that are appealing. In today's world, we might read 20 articles a day. (We're in an instant information age.) So that is why we fulfill our interests with blogs and different views.

So what to do? Hire smarter people to write stories. Listen to the readers and write articles about their interests. Use more than ONE photo EVEN IN THE PAPER VERSION for an article. Make the photos look every bit as good as the Entourage advertisement in your paper. It's called sharpening.

Embrace radical new designs for paper newspapers. Make them look better. Let an art director/graphic designer have their way with an entire section. That happens with magazines and video magazines.

Find a paper that is less dirty. Reward your paper readers.

Less can be more. Filling an entire page is optional.

If it looks better, people will buy it. True story.

But the number one thing is longer stories. You are covering it anyway. If I can read a story in two minutes, it's not interesting.  NYT does this right.

ALSO: inch or inch and a half columns suck. WIDER.

Monday, October 27, 2008

bluray only

the switch to bluray is mainstream. bond movies, godfather, criterion and all that. 1080p tvs under a grand...

watching a dvd quality movie will be the exception from this point on.

indie movies step up yo game. hope to see titanic within a year.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No. 1 escort tells (almost) all

Four years ago she was New York's highest-paid escort. Now she's a typical twentysomething Montrealer. Natalie McLennan sits down with Siri Agrell and dishes on her new book, the upside of sex for money and Ashley Dupré, the woman who brought down Eliot Spitzer

i'm a sucker for whore stories

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my movie revues #33

I don't bother finishing movies that I don't like anymore. So basically everything I mention now will be recommended. No need to mention the ones I didn't like.

la graine et le mulet - nice story. won best film at cesars. will inspire you to cook couscous for real.
harold & kumar go to white castle hd - they gotta make these films forever. always funny.
harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay hd - too funny.
jumper hd - nice worldwind of a film.
ne le dis à personne a.k.a. tell no one hd - best film of the year maybe. huge critical reception this past summer as it hit the states.
vantage point hd - kinda cool.
what happens in vegas hd - was fun with the constant elastic chemistry between the couple.
the bank job hd - very good.
the dark knight - not bad.
boy a hd - very good. saw it in 4k. complex story about life after a horrible crime.

I think that's about all the movies I watched this past summer. But I got a lot of great obscure ones lined up.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

conan the man

i always thought someone should compile stills of conan making funny faces. if anyone ever does, here's one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

TV update

this is a long list


90210 - great. they should make the teacher dude less desperate.

gossip girl - obviously great. i now love blake l.

one tree hill - i don't really care about the story. when i watch this, it is for other good reasons.

big bang theory - first new episode didn't disappoint.

heroes - good stuff.

family guy - always.

entourage - win.

always sunny in philadelphia - so good.

secret diary of a call girl - i didn't end up finishing season one, but i watched the first two of season two so far, and it is a high priority. really good.

hills - when you want to kill 20 minutes without having to think, this is the show to pick.

sophie - this is back. will be great.

secret life of the american teenager - almost forgot about this one.

moment of truth - whenever it's back, i'm watching. i've seen them all.


the office US - i'm in the middle of season three.

skins - almost done season two.

weeds - got like 6 more to go of the latest season.

not going out - waiting for season 2 dvd.


the o.c. - i never really saw this show and may watch it from episode one if time permits.

generation kill mini-series - i saw the first one. need to see them all.

extras - gotta catch up.

degrassi - maybe.

dexter - maybe i'll give this another go when i'm not high and it will be less creepy.

true blood - sounds like it's worth the check out.

fuck it, i'm back

after a summer of fun, it's only right to settle back into the fally routine.

the real reason to update this blog is because there is no other way to keep track of the tv shows i watch.

this blog is not a priority and i have no idea how often i will post stuff. but when i do, it will be the same kind of content as before.