Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fashion Photography is Not All Glamour

an article about a photographer who goes from ottawa to nyc a lot. he does good work too.

$50,000 an hour with (the orchestra)

michael bublé. i met dude. he was cool. the article makes a big deal out of 9 words his girlfriend sings on the album. album is good. be sure to turn up 'always on my mind'.

Catalina Sandino Moreno - the first Colombian to be nominated for an Oscar

i knew that maria full of grace would be a success the first time i heard about it. even so, i will only see it this week for the first time along with fast food nation. she nice.

Bjork, “Volta” is no hip-hop album.

in-depth article about the new bjork album including some clips of the music. sounds as weird as ever which is why we all love her. great pic to go along with the article too.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Hundred Things Completely Right About Our Job

congrats go out to sports shooter for their 100th issue. this is a great list about the joys of pro photography.

Friday, April 27, 2007

`Physical' music sales plummet

Sales of CDs and music DVDs in Canada in the first quarter of this year fell by an unprecedented 35 per cent – to $68.7 million from $105.6 million in the same period in 2006 – the most drastic decline in "physical" music sales of any country in the world.

i think it's safe to say anyone with an internet connection isn't buying cd's. 180 gram vinyl is where it's at anyway :P

my top 10 hiphop albums of 2006

these are my choices based on what i listened to, what impressed me and what i still listen to.

1 - t.i. - king - the biggest selling rap record is also the best. i can listen to this anytime, anywhere.
2 - alias donmillion - music money - the production on this is superb
3 - busta rhymes - the big bang - this was a great one for busta
4 - clipse - hell hath no fury - oh yeah, my fave track nightmares is possibly best song of the year
5 - the game - doctor's advocate - no dre, no prob
6 - defari - street music - yeah i like underground hiphop if it is as good as this
7 - styles p - time is money - love his flow
8 - ice cube - laugh now cry later - this is bangin'
9 - the best of n.w.a. - the strength of street knowledge - not new music, but great music
10 - classified - hitch hikin music - great album

Thursday, April 26, 2007

morbid obesity by Jessica Koscielniak

some great documentary photos in that gallery. i admire people who can devote a significant amount of time to a story.

my movie revues #4

grindhouse - see, first movie was excellent entertainment. second movie went from being worst movie ever (a few people walked out) to best movie ever by the end. you gotta have patience.
because i said so - pass, this movie is not for men. even mandy moore in underwear is not a good enough reason to watch. and what's with all the jew references?
an inconvenient truth - see, this is an important film i was glad i finally saw. everyone should see it. bonus points for good picture quality which can be lacking in documentaries.
big nothing - see, good fun crime movie.
catch and release - pass, it was fine. i just didn't like it.
old joy - pass, this is the worst movie i have seen this year. two guys go camping. nothing else happens. and there is no interesting conversations. critics are way off saying anything positive about it.
elephant - see, this film from 2003 is the blueprint for the movie 2:37 which copied it almost exactly. both are great though. which one to see first is a super hard decision.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

heads up: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

i saw her in bobby and was awed. then i saw her in grindhouse today. nice. she's in die hard 4 this summer. i like this pic because it shows the typical actress and the typical photographer in this day and age.

Found 20 light years away: the New Earth

"The fact that almost as soon as we have built a telescope capable of detecting small, earth-like worlds, one turns up right on our cosmic doorstep, shows that statistically, there are probably billions of earths out there."
after reading the article it makes you think about how small we are in the universe and how big the universe really could be. maybe there's a planet of only hot chicks. (sorry, couldn't resist.)

The Experience of Getting High

an article that accurately details what it's like to smoke weed.
"Wow, is that still the same song playing as a while ago? That's one long song." lol.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

contact photo festival lectures

the annual photography festival usually has a lot of interesting things going on. i usually get the guide and pick which exhibits to check out based on the one photo the artist has chosen to represent their show in the guide. but my favorite part of it is the lectures. seeing steve mccurry a few years ago was awesome. this year it looks like there are a few magnum photographers speaking. of importance is the fact that these lectures are all close to the beginning of the festival (the first is in a week) and they are FREE which is a change from the past.

ask alicia

these are 2 .mov files. first is about 6 minutes 30mb. second is about 9 minutes 50mb. alicia keys answers some questions from fans.


i wouldn't mind cashing that.

Monday, April 23, 2007

creative stock photos

i'm gonna guess this is a creative creation opposed to a real island :P
i gotta say this company seems impressive. there is no 'about us' section but the domain was only registered two years ago. found this site thanks to this amazing contest everyone should enter. the canon 1ds2 camera with a lens is the best possible prize i can think of.

52: a picture a week in 2004

i was thinking of great stuff i've seen in the past and this came to mind. i'm glad i found it again to add here. one pic is nsfw.

A first look at the Canon EOS-1D Mark III

this is a detailed look at the latest and greatest digital slr. i didn't read the whole thing because it is really for people with plans of purchasing the camera. but the full resolution image samples on page 3 are of note to anyone with an interest in photography. remember when iso 400 used to be considered high speed?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

inner city youth, london

there are currently 46 essays in the "inmotion" section of magnum photos. it is worth browsing to see the ones of your interest. this one about being in the ghetto in london, and a story about grime music, is one of my faves. (when it goes fast at the beginning, that is just the intro.)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Bold Imagery of Eric Meola

when i search for content for this blog, i am after the best. and this is the kind of thing i am looking for. a story about a photographer that creates exceptional photos.

bending light magazine

these photos were collected for the issue which came out in november. the magazine has since closed. but props go out to the editor(s) for putting together these excellent photos.

Marginal Brazil by Mimi Mollica

some great photos from Rio de Janeiro. a short look into the tangled streets of the favelas (shanty towns).

adventures in neverland

some award winning work. and it's not hard to tell why. must-see creative photos.

8x10 portraits

Richard Renaldi: "I generally like to create photographs in the greater framework of a project. Thus the work in Figure and Ground is comprised of about seven years worth of work culled from several different projects." i love portraits and people who take the time to shoot them large format.

Friday, April 20, 2007

idol fever

omg this is sooo funny

my movie revues #3

caffeine - see, it had a few funny laughs and a couple nice actresses.
shut up and sing - see, the dixie chicks are worthy enough to have a movie made about them especially when it documents a death threat.
little children - see, this is a sad story but it seemed really realistic in its portrayal of adultery.
live free or die - pass, the only reason i watched this was because zooey deschanel is in it. but it was pointless.
music and lyrics - see, i'm a sucker for super mainstream relationship stories. plus it really was good. you can tell right from the intro.
the fountain - see, but only if you can get into symbolism. i say watch because it has rachel weisz. it is thought-provoking but it was a bit too much for me.
starter for ten - see, the best movie on this list. right when i saw the hbo films logo at the beginning i knew it would be good. has a great soundtrack too.

toronto area photoblog

i like quite a few pics at that site. these two especially brings back good memories.
about him: " my name is payam and I'm 18. I was born in tehran/iran and moved to mississauga/canada in ‘97."

"in 10 years photojournalists will only be carrying video cameras."

i think this may be true but only in the pro world. normal people will always enjoy taking still photos.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

tristan still photographer

some nice pics from australia. i like the 20 x 24 polaroids the best. The polaroid 20×24 inch instant camera is one of the largest format cameras currently in common usage, and can be hired from Polaroid agents in various countries.

super sad bear

the story matches the expression. click on it for larger image.

Gillian Anderson new film

i still remember seeing commercials for the x files and looking forward to the season premiere on fox. this interview sheds some light about that show and also comes off as gillian not being too happy even though she says she is now. the movie she's promoting, Straightheads, sounds like it will be worth seeing.

Monday, April 16, 2007

nine inch nails new album

the album is excellent. even gave the album 4.5/5 which is perfect knowing how they rate. their review was too long and music nerdy though. the nytimes review is the better choice. and the parepin website i went to was spooky.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

sarah polley directing

amazing article. the film 'away from her' comes out shortly to the masses after premiering at tiff.

Thin, by L. Greenfield

THIN is a photographic essay and a documentary film about the treatment of eating disorders. a series of photos that are sure to shock. start at the first one and go through them all if you can.

avril lavigne

i wanted to find a good interview or at least a long article but this was what i settled with. the fact that you can enlarge the pic sealed the deal. i been listening to the album for a few days. it's grown on me.

sexy amerie

an article that talks a bit about her uni experiences. i totally bought her second album.

my movie revues #2

i like the 7 movies at a time idea so here goes.

.45 - pass, this is an awful movie with milla jovovich. not enjoyable and clearly shot in toronto, (with streetcars and queen st e. signs) not nyc like they suggest.
come early morning - pass, unless you really like ashley judd and/or country music, this is not for you.
fur: an imaginary portrait of diane arbus - see, this is real artsy. real enjoyable after a bottle of red wine. and you learn her name is pronounced dee-anne.
alpha dog - see, even though timberlake can't act, there are a couple real hot girls in this one.
deja vu - see, even though it is quite average, it works.
bobby - see, it took me right until the end to realize this was not about jfk. i'm retarded.
gangs of new york - pass, 10 oscar nominations just isn't enough for this 2002 movie that somehow didn't work for me.

Just Feist. Just Wait.

this is a second feist article in new york media. the first one is a few posts below. i'd be interested to see which one you liked better if you read them both.

racist much?

"the problem on the planet is white people." i ain't clapping.

super duper music video

marion raven. i took her pic on two separate occasions. this video is straight out of europe. i bet they talked about this months ago. new to me though. the most interesting thing is how in the main scene in this video, the subjects appear to be in a box with observers looking at them from outside. nsfw due to minor nudity.

feist's new album

indie. canadian. 31. new album date is may 1, 2007.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

ups driver for ten years

a good read especially if you know someone who might want to work for them. i dunno why it's in html instead of a normal webpage.

the landlord with will ferrell

a short film. this was even better the second time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

All you have to do — almost — is drink it

sideways is one of my favorite films. wine tasting trip, one day... just the other day, i recommended to a friend to try an organic wine and he ultimately went with one in a box. this article offers a way to go about learning your own favorite wines.

Blair blames spate of murders on black culture,,2055148,00.html

what would happen if the president of the usa ever said that? i've already heard a couple answers to that question which conclude bush could never say that.

meth addicts before and after

warning: scary photos. i looked these up after seeing "8 month-old boy tests positive for meth" on cnn headline news use them.

how camera lenses are made

From the Discovery Channel. gotta love them. very cool video.

Crocodile bites off zoo worker's arm,4644,1636,00.html

warning: graphic photos. scary. must have hurt.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Evangeline Lilly

not a very informative interview but the pics are interesting. it'd be nice to see her hold down a movie. "No, I'd love to play Wonder Woman because it's a kick-ass role. But the dilemma is whether I want to be part of something that big and commercial." so true. and no, i don't watch lost.

just a news photo

but i like it!

Monday, April 9, 2007

diane arbus lecture from 1970

she was a famous photographer who resorted to suicide. spooky to listen to it. On a related note, I'm looking forward to seeing Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) which comes out on dvd may 8.

"Most ideas that are successful are ludicrously simple."

Sol LeWitt, Master of Conceptualism, Dies at 78. great article with some lovely colorful photos. r.i.p.

mobile data access in canada

this is ridiculous. the cell companies are crooks. my roommate got charged like $800 for like a day's browsing on her phone. it took a LONG time to pay that bill.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Rapper with Down Syndrome

hard to understand what he is saying sometimes but interesting none the less. Laz D aka Cam Lasley, born in 1982, first became interested in music when he played drums in the Junior High School band in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

clipse pitchfork review

Hell Hath No Fury was one of the best rap albums of last year. today, it's nowhere to be found on the top 200 album sales. i thought the review was well written. i know i'm still listening to it regularly.

Million to one odds

also from a year ago, i first heard this story on the howard stern show. looking it up and seeing the black and white twins photo was great. what a beautiful family.

still really elite

i saw this about a year ago and was blown away.. it's a must-see

photoblog from estonia

from a world's away, it's nice to see such talent from someone so young. i especially like images 200 & 193 from the newer stuff.

nyc to paris

did it make you lol?

Saturday, April 7, 2007

"I like to think I'm as real as it gets.",,2050766,00.html

Mutya Buena. the girl is fly. and i think she has a great voice. album release date is june 4, 2007.

the future of film/tv

that'll be some nice image quality although i'm sure 1080p will suffice for a good 10-15 years. according to my calculation, most movies now and in the past should come out at 1080p fine. but for 7,680 × 4,320 pixels, only today's movies shot in imax would still look nice. now if only i didn't have to wait a year for a $300 blu-ray player.

expensive tshirt

i like this tshirt. i would wear it. the price went DOWN from 100 to 65. i kid you not. and that isn't dollars.

2,000-foot Chicago Spire,1,7666640.story

looks like chicago wants to top the cn tower. it would have condos in it. check the video. looks futuristic to me but i dunno if i like it. do you?

my movie revues #1

i watch a lot of movies. i shall quickly list some and my 'see' or 'pass' with a few comments if i feel like it

premium - see, just to see eva pigford dressed as a prostitute. good ending too.
300 - see, 9/10 in my books
freedom writers - see, not exactly a 'dangerous minds' remake like the whole world thought.
the last king of scotland - pass, this one just didn't change my life like it should have
notes on a scandal - see, hot teacher and teen.. oooh controversial
10 items or less - see, i like movies that just seem like good stories and are realistic
la haine - see, i just saw for the first time a couple months ago. from 1995, this one is worth finding.

singer mia rose gets signed

the most popular singer on youtube gets a major label record deal. check out some of her vids performing other songs. not bad. this ryan leslie dude who signed her is smart. it proves the power of the modern day internet. she joined youtube at the end of december.

James Nachtwey on being a documentary photojournalist

this guy needs no intro. he's the most famous war photographer of all time. or at least he has the biggest body of work. the high res vid is 312mb which seems to be of dvd quality and includes perfect copies of his pictures. it's a .mov file and i recommend getting a program called MPUI+MPLAYER to play it instead of quicktime. but whatever works.

A Model Summer

i read the first chapter of that book thinking it was a true story. i was suspicious when there was way too much detail. after looking it up on amazon, i see it is a fiction story. could be worth checking out still but it would have definitely been worth checking if it was real events.

modern day racism

i wonder if somewhere in asia where the couch is purported to be from, someone did it on purpose just to spread hate

Hello blog

Hi. I'm in the ghetto. I'm on the web all day and aim to provide good links to other stuff on the web I find of interest. Eventually you'll see I'm into cool shit.