Friday, September 28, 2007

Longwave - Tidal Wave video

sometimes you gotta watch a few videos to find a great one, but it is so worth it. this video is simple and great. that's all there is to say.

ENUR feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007

gotta blog just so i can say i did.

m.i.a. spike jonze and a video camera

part one of six.

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Our Hell

very interesting.

A Cellphone Without Borders

For example, consider this: at the site from Cubic, you can request local phone numbers in up to 50 cities at no charge. Now you can have a Paris number, a London number and a Mexico City number that your friends overseas can use to call your cellphone.
sounds cool.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

new albums i'm listening to #2

when it comes to hiphop,
kanye west - graduation (this is a solid album and "the glory" is the only track i think is weak)
ugk - underground kingz (this is excellent all the way through)
those are my two most solid releases that i listen to a lot along with m.i.a. - kala

skimming through other stuff
keyshia cole - just like you. sounded good after a listen.
twista - adrenaline rush 2007. sounds good. "creep" is a must-hear track on this album.

non hiphop-wise, an album by dirty harry is gonna be crack. the 5 song sampler is nice. vanessa carlton and erika rose have decent new albums but you gotta get into their vibe. trisha yearwood's greatest hits is also worth checking out.

happy bday google

happy 9th birthday to google. i know such things because i hang where all the nerds hang on the internet. speaking of which, if you are a nerd, you need to watch a new show called "the big bang theory." it is very funny.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Alicia Keys - No One video

here's what john mayer says about the song:
John Mayer looked debonair and dashing on the red carpet at VH1's Save the Music Gala. He told about his favorite song. 'Alicia Keys - her new song is, in my opinion, the best song in five or ten years'.
and he makes some pretty leet music himself.

my movie revues #18

paranoid park - see, but only if you like skateboarding and really indie movies.
dead presidents - see, mild recommendation. i never saw this before but i always knew of it because of its elite soundtrack. be warned, some scenes are horror-like disturbing.
inland empire - see, this is the best movie i have seen in the last five years.
clockers - see, this was pretty good. spike lee does his usual artsy thing.
syriana hd - see, a good idea of who runs what.
collateral hd - see, great action movie but the thing that made this look so cool was the impeccable color correction for this all shot at night movie.
mallrats hd - see, i totally forgot shannen doherty was in this one. classic lol funny.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Torngat - You Could Be

i got a really good link for new indie music. this album is an instrumental per se but it is superb. i know music and i can assure you, you are not hip to it if you ain't feeling this one. for more info on the band, check out

heads up: Leighton Meester

she's got a pretty big role on the new show "gossip girl" from the creator of the o.c. been a model. check. been on entourage. check. show was alright. definitely showing off some nice nyc views.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

50 cent eats a gun smh

check out the pic on the right. he's eating a gun. probly never been done before because it's stupid. from his new cd booklet.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

someone finally did it

combining HIGH fashion with skateboarding has never really been done before. i know because i've been looking out for it. now it has been done.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tell-All PCs and Phones Transforming Divorce

interesting read about how couples use everything their spouse ever did on their computer in court. kinda sad these are couples.

top shelf !

story is amazing. album is amazing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day One - Probably Art

another indie album i'm liking. comes out in stores in one month.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


best video ever.

my movie revues #17

fresh - see, high quality hood movie that delivered.
away from her - see, emits emotional response.
interview - see, a people piece.
the lost weekend - see, palme d'or and best picture winner. ultra intense film about an alcoholic from 1945.
my own private idaho - pass, it's hard to watch a film when the director is really artsy and you're not really feeling the style. the one thing i liked was how the sex scenes were shot.
new jersey drive - see, hood movie that really instills the fuck the police attitude.
mulholland dr. hd - see, i saw this before but i forgot it all which was nice. the best word to describe this film is mystique.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Neo-Soul Star as She Is: Nurturing Her Inner Rebel

if you haven't heard the first single, you should.

Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills

listened to this in sunday morning hangover mode. excellent indie album. 5/5. comes out somewhere in the world on tuesday. check pitchfork then for a probable review. reminded me of the cure. it just did.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head

month old but i just saw on tv. song is crack.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

kanye vs 50

"Nearly every song on “Graduation” is memorable for both its hooks and its overall sound."

they are right about the album when they say he talks about himself a lot. but, they are wrong in saying it is not great. this album is excellent. i feared when i saw a track with chris martin, (because of the disaster on the jay-z album) but the track is good. drunk and hot girls threw me off on first listen but now i love it. kanye has a winner here.

50 on the other hand has a terrible album. all he says is "i got guns, i'll kill you" on the whole album. it lacks soul. most of the beats are boring.

i think the september 11 record sales battle will be very close.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

pete turner

this guy is a legend legend. the link is for a sit down with pete, talking about his images. must-see. if you want to get a better idea of his images, his website is here.

rick rubin

yes i read the whole thing. rick rubin is a clever guy in the music biz. here's what he says about the future of music:
To combat the devastating impact of file sharing, he, like others in the music business (Doug Morris and Jimmy Iovine at Universal, for instance), says that the future of the industry is a subscription model, much like paid cable on a television set. "You would subscribe to music," Rubin explained, as he settled on the velvet couch in his library. "You'd pay, say, $19.95 a month, and the music will come anywhere you'd like. In this new world, there will be a virtual library that will be accessible from your car, from your cellphone, from your computer, from your television. Anywhere.
would be amazing if they implemented that and it worked.

palme d'or + best picture

i wanted to know which films won palme d'or and best picture. the answer is in this article. i've got one of the two lined up to watch.

Q+A : David Cronenberg

i thought a history of violence was great. the new one looks really good too. short q&a.