Monday, November 3, 2008

cw update

stylista - this show is major win. much much better than i thought it would be. watching whole season for sure.
top model - not for me. i will tune in to a finale here and there when someone tells me to.
privileged - fail. on the fall preview they made it seem like they were mixing superficial with trying to have a meaning. those opposites make no sense. didn't even bother checking it out until last week. didn't make it through the first episode. might have something to do with very few guys in it. gg and 90210 have the dudes to go with the pretty girls. maybe some traveling pant watchers would like it or something i dunno.

Having done well with a remake of ”Beverly Hills 90210” this season, the CW network is considering a remake of that show’s spinoff, ”Melrose Place.”

hmm. could work i guess. i'll tell you what else could work. models inc. on dvd!!!

The television shows “Valentine” and “Easy Money,” which made their debuts on CW on Oct. 5, have been put on hiatus for six weeks, today’s New York Times notes.

i got a glimpse of valentine and it actually looked pretty good. it's on the list to catch up. checking out easy money right now.

(add celebrity rehab with Dr.Drew and pickup artist to the general tv update list non cw related.)

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