Sunday, May 15, 2011

smallville FINALE - about belts to breasts fashion

the whole episode is about the bad fashion of ladies wearing their belts to their breasts. they were thinking of having male models wear belts as hats/caps but decided it would look better and went against it.


1 - we gonna shag 2 - lady gets attacked by a man who doesn't like the belt to breasts trend 3 - they are both discussing how 'we look retarded' 4 - a couple kisses while a meteorite comes to destroy the trend on earth 5 - she is crying about her man not wanting to marry her because of her breast belt trendiness 6 - she is trying to pretend that men like seeing her fashion 7 - this is for the people who don't realize this trend has gone way too far 8 - the belt defeats the whole purpose of a belt

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