Sunday, January 13, 2008

my movie revues #27

i'm making an effort to see the big award show favorites. the only one i will never ever watch is hairspray. fat girl and man dressing as a woman is highly gay.

juno - pass, this movie is annoying. there is nothing wrong with this film EXCEPT the writing. it has no basis in reality. it's creative fluff. you can make ONE character eccentrically annoying but not every single one.
broken english - see, nice story about a woman over 30 trying to find the right guy.
i'm not there - see, excellent film about and inspired by bob dylan. has the chick from science of sleep. the cool thing about this film is when you relate to the words being said. introspective.
control - see, this was in black and white which over-enhanced the piercing contrast between the two girls. the too good-looking factor certainly comes into play.
no country for old men - see, certainly interesting but i don't know what all the fuss is about. drugs, killers, nothing new.
the lives of others hd - must-see, unforgettable.
shoot em up hd - pass, this movie is in very bad taste. painfully awful. smh.

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