Monday, January 14, 2008

my winter tv review

new shows
sophie - this canadian comedy just premiered and is funny. lol'ed at least 10 times during first episode. nuts to anything nonecstatic the toronto star guy said. either i met natalie brown at some industry party or she's been in so many pictures and commercials, i think i have. thumbs up.
the sarah connor chronicles - action action action. probly more gunshots in first episode than the last 40 movies i watched. america is gonna love it.
the wire season five - just started excellently. i've seen every episode from the first four seasons. this season will rule.
jpod - gave up after ten minutes. not good.

concluded shows
gossip girl - season did not disappoint. how great was that pool party episode.. series ended with pure lol. stay and fight! ha
the black donnellys - i finally finished the series and it was good. not a major conclusion but a good watch none the less. props to the girl for beating that psycho.
it's always sunny in philadelphia - i've seen every episode from all three seasons. this show is majorly slept on but kicks serious ass.
weeds - seen every episode. season three ended beautifully.

in the middle shows
prison break - i'm right in the middle of season one off bluray. kinda like real life where there are nothing but challenges coming up nonstop. <3 the dr.
curb your enthusiasm - i've seen all of seasons one and six. gonna get through the other four seasons for sure.

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