Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my movie revues #30

lars and the real girl - pass, there is nothing wrong with this film except the premise. goes from awkward to lol to pathetic really fast. main reason for not recommending is the times i said "this movie is stupid" aloud.
blackout - see, brooklyn, zoe saldana, marlo from wire, prodigy. this is a great film. check it for sure.
moving mcallister - see, mila kunis great light road trip comedy film with two crude moments.
the prisoner or how i planned to kill tony blair - see, but only if war stuff is your thing. this film points out the obvious mistreament of people with the context of war. if that's your thing, go for it.
the kingdom hd - see, this is the best kind of film hollywood money can make in my view. a ton of action with a killer ending.
blade runner hd - see, some cool stuff in this one. the photo scanning was very accurate.
michael clayton hd - see, barely. this can be described in two words: slightly boring. right from the first minute. i don't know what kind of drugs the london telegraph guy is smoking thinking this will win best picture.

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