Monday, February 25, 2008

my movie revues #31

i'm convinced at this point that i see the very best of contemporary cinema.

a very long engagement - see, the french have a way with films. beautiful picture.
the counterfeiters - see, this oscar winner was great.
there will be blood - pass, what the fuck is wrong with society? who cares if it is good acting. am i supposed to be blown away because this film shows how ruthless a business man can be? fuck outta here.
the darjeeling limited - see, quirky film set in india. it had some great moments. be sure to see the 13 minute short film hotel chevalier before the main picture.
he was a quiet man - pass, this film stars christian slater as a psycho in a hell of a predicament. not recommended for same reason no one makes a film about a guy who plays with purple dinosaurs at the mall all day. no one cares about losers that much. plus way too much cgi is annoying to me.
run fat boy run hd - see, lol comedy from simon pegg from hot fuzz. good clean fun.
in the valley of elah hd - see, military themed picture. all i know is people will be making war and war movies into infinity.

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