Friday, March 14, 2008

my march tv review

holy shit it's the middle of march

gossip girl - returns in one month for 5 more episodes. woohoo. and picked up for season two.
entourage - Season 5 will premier in September 2008 instead of June. fail. same for heroes 2008 fall. weeds is back june 16.
prison break - finished season one off bluray. debating whether to watch two and three.
breaking bad - the hottest new shit on tv. act like you know. it's about a high school teacher
turned meth dealer but better than you can imagine.
arrested development - flew through season one in days. gonna watch the rest in a timely manner.
curb your enthusiasm - still need to see seasons 3 4 5.
family guy/south park - watch them as they arrive to enjoy lolness.
the wire - best show ever. i'll be missing you.
in treatment - quite the commitment with the numerous shows but it's good.
sophie - still watching weekly. great.
saturday night live - first three new ones have been good.

that's about it.

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