Saturday, March 15, 2008

my movie revues #32

the diving bell and the butterfly - see, this movie is elite and therefore you should watch it. many times i have considered only watching french films and nothing else. the french do it better.
the good night - see, but i dunno. it's about a guy and his sleeping dreams. relationships not working makes it a bit of a downer but it was ok.
the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford hd - see, very good.
der untergang hd - see, the film puts you in a very surviving war frame of mind.
enchanted hd - see, this had some pretty fuckin funny moments for the grown people. if you are on hard drugs. or not.
beowulf hd - pass, dumb movie about some monsterly creature attacking people in a barn which is supposed to be a castle. they only made this film so they could show coarse violence and nudity, but in animation, to get a pg-13 rating. if you have seen polar express, this is the same type of animation/realism. if you have seen 300, you have seen a much better film.
good luck chuck hd - see, although everyone says this is a really bad film, i took a liking to its crude humor. jessica alba is super hot.

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