Sunday, October 12, 2008

my movie revues #33

I don't bother finishing movies that I don't like anymore. So basically everything I mention now will be recommended. No need to mention the ones I didn't like.

la graine et le mulet - nice story. won best film at cesars. will inspire you to cook couscous for real.
harold & kumar go to white castle hd - they gotta make these films forever. always funny.
harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay hd - too funny.
jumper hd - nice worldwind of a film.
ne le dis à personne a.k.a. tell no one hd - best film of the year maybe. huge critical reception this past summer as it hit the states.
vantage point hd - kinda cool.
what happens in vegas hd - was fun with the constant elastic chemistry between the couple.
the bank job hd - very good.
the dark knight - not bad.
boy a hd - very good. saw it in 4k. complex story about life after a horrible crime.

I think that's about all the movies I watched this past summer. But I got a lot of great obscure ones lined up.

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