Monday, October 6, 2008

TV update

this is a long list


90210 - great. they should make the teacher dude less desperate.

gossip girl - obviously great. i now love blake l.

one tree hill - i don't really care about the story. when i watch this, it is for other good reasons.

big bang theory - first new episode didn't disappoint.

heroes - good stuff.

family guy - always.

entourage - win.

always sunny in philadelphia - so good.

secret diary of a call girl - i didn't end up finishing season one, but i watched the first two of season two so far, and it is a high priority. really good.

hills - when you want to kill 20 minutes without having to think, this is the show to pick.

sophie - this is back. will be great.

secret life of the american teenager - almost forgot about this one.

moment of truth - whenever it's back, i'm watching. i've seen them all.


the office US - i'm in the middle of season three.

skins - almost done season two.

weeds - got like 6 more to go of the latest season.

not going out - waiting for season 2 dvd.


the o.c. - i never really saw this show and may watch it from episode one if time permits.

generation kill mini-series - i saw the first one. need to see them all.

extras - gotta catch up.

degrassi - maybe.

dexter - maybe i'll give this another go when i'm not high and it will be less creepy.

true blood - sounds like it's worth the check out.

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