Monday, October 15, 2007

the best top songs of 2007

the best top songs of 2007

before the final christmas-like rush, i.e. 4th quarter when huge new albums come out every week, i am bored so i wanna do this list now. only one song per artist.

put into the following categories after the list got really long. urban. pop. indie or rock. other.

alicia keys - no one (if you don't like this song, you have never heard of sam cooke)
styles p - i'm black (love this cat)
the game feat. kanye west - wouldn't get far (chillin)
kanye west - can't tell me nothing (passion baby)
baby boy feat. lil boosie - the way i live (boosie has a unique voice and the song is chill)
mims - this is why i'm hot (hott beat)
evidence - down in new york city (hypnotic, which is the best compliment i can give a song)
musiq soulchild - b.u.d.d.y. (gold)
prodigy - mac 10 handle (you need to see the video)
stephen marley feat. damian "jr. gong" marley - the traffic jam (bassss)
timbaland feat. one republic - apologize (simple)
amerie - take control (funky ass shit)
dizzee rascal - sirens (blood!)
belly - people change (perfect bass and piano)
joell ortiz - hip hop (that good old new york rap)
lady sovereign - those were the days (remember when?)
fabolous feat. ne-yo - make me better (very nice. i ain't gonna lie, it sounds distorted, i.e. not perfect, gimme some 24/96 for this one)
rihanna feat. jay-z - umbrella (although there are some stellar tracks on the album, this one eclipses)
cherish - keep it fresh (fresh fresh fresh)
t.i. - big shit poppin (monster)
bone thugs-n-harmony feat. akon - i tried (soulful)
deemi - soundtrack of my life (this is the best song you haven't heard on this list)
big shug - hood with that (gotta love this one)
common - misunderstood (pitchfork will almost certainly pick drivin me wild)
sean kingston - beautiful girls (i wanna dance to this like they do in the video) - i got it from my mama (this is just plain funny. even though juvenile did it first)
guru feat. omar - the jazz style (you will like this song just as you will sleep tonight. i guarantee it)
kat deluna feat. elephant man - whine up (bronx what up. see the video)
keith murray feat. tyrese and junior - nobody do it better (woooooooohoooooooo)
trey songz - can't help but wait (very nice keys and vocals)
ugk feat. outkast - int'l players anthem (omg when the beat drops....)
jdiggz - make it hot (it works)
50 cent - i get money (even though this is a blatant rip-off of cassidy's i'm a hustla, it hits hard)
kano - fightin the nation (i got 99 problems, and london's one of them.. engaging)
m.i.a - paper planes (umm perfect)
jay-z feat. pharell williams - blue magic (it's a concept album people, very raw track "way before the bars, my picture was getting took")
army of the pharaohs - gun ballad (the whole album is excellent)
nygz feat. rave and fizzy wo - sufferin (the whole album is excellent)
twista feat. t-pain - creep fast (hypnotick)
8 ball and mjg - turn up the bump (get this song right now. this song is leet)
boyz n da hood - everybody know me (if you felt dem boyz clockin, you gonna feel this one)
point blank - game got deep (you ever heard hand to handlin' mine? didn't think so. point blank on some genius shit)
plies feat. akon - hypnotized (stop hating on the south)

hilary duff - happy (builds to an incredible chorus)
natasha bedingfield - i wanna have your babies (she nice)
sophie ellis-bextor - catch you (i am gonna find you)
hayley sales - jailcell mind (soft, good)
mandy moore - gardenia (i can dig it)
mutya buena - real girl (you can like b boy baby all you want, i want a real girl)
aly and aj - potential breakup song (classic haha)
colbie caillat - bubbly (was a hit for a reason)
sara bareilles - love song (this song is very likeable)
kate nash - dickhead (any reviewer who didn't like this song is a dickhead lol)
missy higgins - secret (may leave you speechless)
gym class heroes - clothes off (so gay yet so fun. lfo for the new generation)
robyn - jack you off (this is funny)
remi nicole - fed up acoustic (great chorus)
sugababes - about you now (see a live performance of this for real)
the veronicas - hook me up (sounds like they want diesel. i kid)
samantha jade - turn around (this track is fiyah)
delta goodrem - in this life (great. now watch the video. can you say gorgeous?)
katharine mcphee - love story (umm. the video makes more sense than the song. but no complaints.)
chenelle - i fell in love with the dj (one ting led to anothaaa..)

my chemical romance - teenagers (can't help but sing along)
nine inch nails - the greater good (loungy nin?)
krezip - bored (yeah it's good)
white stripes - icky thump (sing it jack)
feist - my moon my man (good music)
a fine frenzy - almost lover (beautiful song)
emily haines and the soft skeleton - mostly waving todork remix (elite)
kathy diamond - until the sun goes down (every sound in this track is ear candy)
meat puppets - fly like the wind (this starts off the great album real nice)
day one - bad before good (the whole album is good, hard to choose a track)
shout out louds - impossible (superb)
dirty harry - frayed at the edges (solid stuff)
nightmare of you - i was never a normal boy (trust)
tegan and sara - back in your head (awesome)

michael buble - everything (crack)
paul potts - time to say goodbye (this will move you)
pink martini - hey eugene (wow)

pitchfork people. pitchfork people. pitchfork people. come read my interwebbingnetblogsite. so i've only heard of about 40 artists from pitchfork's top 100 tracks of 2006 (but i only listen to music half of the day everyday. they probly do all day everyday.) looks like my list is 80 songs. i think about 20 of my picks will make their 2007 list (i'm hardly indie-centric.) we shall see. feel free to drop your fav songs in the comments. feel free not to mention britney, avril, kelly clarkson, kevin drew or nicole scherzinger.

for best country, electronic and metal, find another site.

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