Monday, October 22, 2007

britney spears - blackout mini-review

ok. so i just listened to the new britney album. in the sense that all you need is a hot beat in the club, this album delivers. the production is top of the world. considering the gimme more video looks like it was shot for $500 (i.e. awful), i'm surprised the music is hot. her voice can get on your nerves because it is so bad and when she says she is an "animal in the sack", that's something i didn't really wanna picture. it does lack in the middle of the album (it picks up again on hot as ice) but this album will go to #1 and i don't even know who the competition is.

in the New York Daily News:
On many tracks, Britney sounds so worked over, she doesn't even seem like a person. Instead, she comes off like some machine that bleeps and bloops out an airy array of oohs, ahhs and groans.

britney is the executive producer on the album. she gonna see a good payday. in stores in 8 days.

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