Sunday, October 14, 2007

my movie revues #20

havoc 2 - pass, awful. i like to watch a movie that is guaranteed to be bad every once in a while to keep everything in perspective. when the credits roll, you will say omg.
american beauty - see, this is a must-watch every few years. golden shit. i'm sure the next time i see it, it will be in hd.
born on the fourth of july hd - see, it's amazing how relevant this is in today's world.
closer hd - pass, i liked it when i saw it in the theatre but this viewing was overly dramatic. felt like a soap opera.
good night and good luck hd - pass, too many men in this one.
lost in translation hd - see, i thought it was accurate in its characters. some people say it's boring. here's my take: i think movies should be similar to when a dj speeds up a track in his mix to make it more energetic/exciting. too slow a pace, even if accurate, will bore anyone for film.
hot fuzz hd - see, this is easily in the top 3 of this year. excellent film. don't sleep.

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